Our investment strategy combines top-down approach with bottom-up security selection.  The selection of securities uses a value-based approach, which involves in actively seeking for well-run companies that are undervalued by the market.  It is designed to produce sustainable above average return while accepting fair levels of risk.
Quality Investing
Equities are primarily invested in medium to large capitalization companies in North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets.  Fixed-income are primarily investment grade bonds and asset-backed securities.
Our strategy offers international investing to take advantage of the opportunities in international markets and diversify your portfolio.
Our process starts by understanding the big picture - Such as geopolitical events and the path of interest rates are some of the key factors influencing global markets.  From there, we dive into smaller factors in finer details, research and analyze companies based on their qualities, growth, and value - the three pillars for company selection.
Socially Responsible Investing
Pegasi Private Wealth of ACPI strives to be a socially responsible investment firm and we impose investment restriction on certain business sectors.  While it is difficult to draw a fine line between companies are socially responsible and those that are not, we absolutely do not actively or directly invest in the following sectors:
Military & Weapons — Military contractors, production of weapons including nuclear weapons.
Tobacco — Including selling and production of tobacco products.
Gambling – Including casino and sports betting.