This page will guide you on how to setup an web clip app on your mobile home screen (Android & iPhone).  By clicking on the app, it gives you quick access to our official website and your online account.  Follow the 7 easy steps below:
Step 1:  Google Pegasi Private Wealth and click on the Website icon.
Step 2:  Go to Setting at the top right corner of the browser.
Step 3:  Click on Add to Home screen.
Step 4:  Add to confirm.  This will add an app (web clip) on your mobile home screen.  The app gives you shortcut to the webpage and you may access your online account there.  Please proceed to step 5 to acess online account (MyPortfolio+).
Step 5:  At the top rigth corner of the webpage (under the logo), click on the website menu.
Step 6:  Click on MyPortfolio+ to get to the login page. 
Step 7:  Input username and password to access your online account.  Check off Remember me for easier access in the future.
You're all set!  An icon is now saved on your mobile home screen.  You now have easy access to the webpage in one slick action.