Terry Tang, Investment Advisor
April 30, 2020
Dear Private Client,
In March, we witnessed the worst stock market selloff since the financial crisis 12 years ago, driven by fear and uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and reckless trading activities.  At that time, I have pointed out steep selloffs are often followed by sharp rebound.
I have also reminded investors on numerous occasions the importance of staying in the market and avoiding missing out the rebound - and the strategy pays off.  The S&P 500 Index surged 12.8% and TSX Composite Index gained 10.5% in April, the best month in 33 years, flirting with the idea that the worst may be over.  Despite the rebound, volatility will endure in following weeks but there are still bargains to be had in the stock market for long-term investors.
Bank Dividends Intact
As I have mentioned previously, U.S and Canadian banks have all signaled that they have no plans to cancel or suspend dividend payments as a result of the pandemic.  Canadian banks, in particular, acknowledge that investors rely on dividend income, and these cash flows become increasingly important at the time of economic impact.  These comments came after European banks such as HSBC and Standard Chartered have all cancelled their dividends and buybacks for 2020, after being urged by the regulators to do so.  Our clients' portfolios do not hold shares of European banks.
Pressure on REITs
The pandemic has hit retailers hard and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) even harder as rental collection has become a challenge.  We have been paying close attention to our REIT holdings for quite some time.  REITs have been a small portion of our clients’ portfolios and we only invest in large-size REITs - namely RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI-UN) and AGNC Investment Corporation (AGNC), which have strong balance sheets and diversified portfolios of properties to weather the storm.
Big Techs
Tech stocks have made a huge comeback from the coronavirus.  PayPal (PYPL), for example, a fintech giant is already trading at pre-crisis level.  Uber (UBER) and Square (SQ) have rebounded nicely from their lows.
A health crisis requires a health solution, whether it’s the development of vaccines or herd immunity or flattening the curve or even a combination of those things.  Fiscal stimulus helps alleviate the economic pain caused by social distancing and mandatory closures, but the crisis needs to be resolved before economic recovery takes place.  Currently, there are at least 21 leading pharmaceutical companies that are rushing to develop vaccines to fight COVID-19.  The progress has been promising.
Looking forward, our view has not been changed - the economy will be in a short and deep recession in the second quarter but expected to recover before the end of the year.  Nevertheless, the economic impact of COVID-19 is an evolving situation and we will continue to monitor closely.
Stay safe, healthy, and informed.
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